Danone Early Life Nutrition.
Keep Things Connected.

When it comes to the first 1,000 days of raising a child the questions are endless and urgent. Danone Early Life Nutrition is committed to being there to support parents and parents-to-be with a best-in-class social customer care experience.

The challenges ranged from providing 24/7, year-round moderation and management on social channels to ensuring a fast, responsive and empathetic tone of voice in each and every exchange. Our solution? Tapping into a network of highly engaged and experienced parents for whom odd working hours were the perfect opportunity: military families.


Give things structure

With a core team based in the UK, our supportive squad of specially trained social media professionals is there to answer questions and concerns within an hour of posting – although they generally do so in as little as 16 minutes. Our team is able to rely on colleagues in bases such as Brunei to ensure that there’s coverage almost around the clock, from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – invaluable to new parents who don’t think in terms of 9-5 and to the company in times of campaign or crisis.


Keep things connected

Connecting mum-to-mum, there’s a real person with a real parenting story behind every answer given across five different brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tailoring every message so it’s right for the query, platform and demographic. More recently, parents have been able to receive even more personalised support through WhatsApp, following a trial to expand the system to messaging groups including additional training for the team to support more complex queries.

Drive things forward

A robust reporting programme analyses every interaction on Danone Early Life Nutrition’s social channels, and provides valuable insight to underpin creative activations. This ground-breaking approach to social customer care has been recognised by the industry; winning the Best Social Media Customer Service Strategy category at the Social Buzz Awards in 2017.

Use Things for:

Brand Building, Social Channel Planning, Influencer Outreach, Creative Production