Unlimited Group Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

Unlimited is committed to Enviromental, Social and Governance principles. This ESG Policy is embedded into all our Agencies’ culture and Unlimited strives to have a positve impact in this area.



Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Unlimited is committed to developing a culture of corporate environmental responsibility which involves the following:

  • embedding environmentally responsible practices into the way we work;
  • integrating sustainability considerations into all of our business decisions;
  • ensuring staff are fully aware of our Environmental policy and are committed to implementing and improving it; and
  • procuring goods and services which will reduce Unlimited’s environmental impact.

As a professional services firm which operates within the marketing communications sector, our impact on the environment is less significant than that of companies operating in some other sectors. With Unlimited’s focus on digital media, the need for consumable items such as paper, plastic and inks reduces.

Unlimited actively seeks to minimise adverse environmental impacts and to promote good environmental practices wherever possible. Some of our initiatives include:

Climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

  • encouraging the use of eco-friendly taxis
  • the operation of a cycle-to-work scheme
  • the encouragement of staff to use public transport
  • the use of a corporate travel provider to measure and manage the impact on the environment of corporate travel

Energy Efficiency

  • the installation of PIR motion sensors in offices to control lighting
  • the adoption of ‘green’ energy tariffs to reduce CO2 consumption
  • a policy of turning off equipment at the end of the day rather than leaving it on standby
  • the use of energy-efficient light bulbs where appropriate
  • annual servicing of gas boilers to ensure maximum efficiency
  • photocopiers have energy saving mode when not in use


Recycling & Single Use Plastics 

  • the use of recycled paper where appropriate
  • minimise paper use by storing information electronically
  • we only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste
  • active engagement in the recycling of cans, tins, plastic, glass, cardboard and paper
  • the use of “follow me print” on company printers to minimise waste
  • increased recycling of printer cartridges
  • increasing the use of aqueous inks, which limit the release of volatile organic compounds
  • an increase in the validation of suppliers’ environmental credentials
  • target to removal of all single use plastic from our buildings by 2020
  • glass bottle still and sparkling water system installed at our London office to reduce use of plastic bottles in our café and meeting room hospitality refreshments



Employee relations and Diversity

Unlimited’s people are at the heart of what makes it great. Diverse creativity comes from diversity of employees and happy employees. Unlimited is committed to diversity and has a dedicated Diversity Committee. The HR team ensures that new job opportunities are made available to existing employees as well as to outside applicants and that all employees are able to benefit from training, career development and promotion opportunities where appropriate. The recruitment of new personnel is made without prejudice and Unlimited believes in equal opportunity and encourages diversity (this is detailed in the Equal Opportunities and Diversity & Inclusion policies).  Unlimited does not discriminate and employees advance on merit only.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of Unlimited’s employees and clients or suppliers who work on our premises is paramount. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. Due to the nature of the business, risk of work-based accidents is low. However, Unlimited takes its responsibilities for the health and safety of its employees seriously. Each location has an appointed individual who is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for employees, guided by the Unlimited Health & Safety policy. Unlimited also has trained fire marshalls and first aiders. Where work-related activities take place which have a higher risk attached – such as travel, marketing events and outdoor activities – additional planning is undertaken which includes a risk assessment and mitigation plan. Unlimited employees are required to undertake annual e-learning health and safety training.


Unlimited has set up apprenticeship, internship and graduate academy schemes to provide employment and work experience opportunities for younger people from a variety of backgrounds throughout its Agencies.

Human rights

Unlimited supports human rights and encourages employees and suppliers to do the same.


Working conditions, including slavery and child labour

Unlimited maintains a full Anti-Slavery policy in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and publishes an annual statement on its website, available here https://www.unlimitedgroup.com/anti-slavery/. Unlimited also has a no child labour policy which is incorporated in its employee handbook.


Unlimited supports local communities and charitable organisations through direct fundraising, donation and pro-bono work.



Ethics and corporate responsibility

Unlimited carries out its business in a fair, honest and open manner, ensuring that it complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Unlimited has specific policies on fraud, bribery and whistleblowing which are incorporated into each Agency’s employee handbook and compliance with these policies is monitored.

Through all our interaction with our clients and suppliers we ensure that we treat them fairly and openly whilst abiding by the terms of contracts and relevant law.


Whilst Unlimited cannot guarantee to prevent fraud, the internal control framework in place reduces the likelihood of fraud arising. Unlimited also ensures that all Unlimited employees are aware of the whistleblowing policy, contained in each operating company’s employee handbook, should any individual become aware of any incidence of fraud.

Bribery & Corruption – Unlimited does not tolerate bribery. Unlimited has strict anti-bribery policies in compliance with the UK Bribery Act 2010 which are made available to all employees and suppliers are required to adhere to them. Unlimited employees are required to undertake annual e-learning anti-bribery training.

Political Lobbying – Unlimited does not engage in political lobbying.